Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hello Friends and Family! 2017 came and went to sooo fast!  I originally wrote this in January and I am barely editing and posting it eek!! We have had so many awesome experiences this last year and have seen so many blessings in our lives.  The beginning of the year started a little slow for me. I decided to take a little break at the beginning of 2017 and focus my attention on the kids and our crazy house.  Jose's year started off fast and with a lot to look forward to. He was focused on his Graduation!! He Graduated in May and the kids and I were thrilled. While he studied for finals and dedicated time to different organizations he was part of I gathered Maroon and Gold supplies to throw him a party! We had Mariachis and a few talented family members serenade us while eating delicious food.  The kids were happy to have Daddy back as Riley so kindly screamed at his graduation but we only had him  for a couple weeks. He was off everyday studying diligently for the Bar exam. While he dived into the books. The kids and I  dived into pools, watched movies, went to urban jungle, ate pizza, worked on our service project and had a fun summer  together. We celebrated Sadie's 9th birthday with ice cream cake, swimming, pizza and cousins! I worked a lot while the kids slept and I cleaned.... in my dreams haha.. Family helped so much again this year babysitting and entertaining the kids the days I had to be showing homes. Some days I was able to bribe the kids to show homes with me or stay in the car but I would always hop into a car full of whiny, bored kids..So off to cousins homes we went to avoid the melt downs.  Jose took the test at the end of July. We are so grateful to my Dad for the priesthood blessing that was given to him the night before. He blessed him with clarity of mind, peace and to have that "spark" in his mind so he could remember everything he studied. I know this priesthood blessing,  prayers on his behalf and  all of Jose's hard work was going to be a great combination for success. I surprised Jose by renting a fancy hotel near the test site so he could rest right away instead of drive home and have us hanging on him like monkeys. Since the bar exam is 2 full days I knew he needed a little R&R in between.  The second day of his test we showed up and took advantage of the roof top pool! That sure was nice!. Once he was done we celebrated and enjoyed the evening with him. We were so grateful to be closer to the goal!! Luckily all the stress and studying was done just a few weeks before the kids started school. So we spent time with them and had a good time with what was left of the summer! School resumed for the kids. They weren't super excited but Mom and Dad were!! A week after school started we celebrated Riley's 6th Birthday with cupcakes, Pizza and family. Our kids are growing up so fast! As school continued Jose and I dropped off the kids daily and one thing we incorporated this year was listening to scriptures in the car as a family. We were challenged to read and wanted to do it together and it was so rewarding. Me and Jose occasionally went to breakfast together to different places. He assured me that he was going to miss me a ton and miss doing breakfast runs when he got a job. I must admit so was I and I was going to miss all his help around the house while I worked. We weren't going to know until October if he passed his test so we were on a mission to distract ourselves with fun times and spend quality time together while the kids were in school. October came and we celebrated Jose birthday! He doesn't remember much of it... not because he partied too hard but because his eyes were focused on another date.... Bar Exam results! We had the opportunity with October break to surprise the kids with a DISNEYLAND trip...  The kids were shocked and were sooo excited it was their first visit to Disneyland...The negative part was we were going the day the Bar results were in. Jose said  Disneyland will either live to it's name " the happiest place on earth" or it will be the worst place on earth that day haha.... The kids and I  kept reminding him " you got this DADDY" so off we went.  Sitting at a red light on our way to Disneyland Jose says to me "Open the link and read it to me"... I said "NOOO Sir! you read it!" No you, no you...we went back and forth until he pulled  into a shopping strip on Ball rd in front of a run down dry cleaners.. This was it this moment was going to change a lot of things for us!... Our car was silent as he read the document and scanned for his name.. "Jose A Oliveros" he whispered! I PASSED!!! (tears of joy flooded our car) we were all so grateful and happy!!!  Disneyland lived to its name and several times during our time at Disneyland he would look at me and say... babe I passed! haha we were all still in shock but were so Happy! After that the year moved extra fast... work for me, school for the kids, interviews for Jose, it was the year of the concerts for us we got to see some amazing artist. Sadie's love for slime grew and for the ukulele, dancing, singing, learning to cook and activity days. Riley kept busy in soccer, drawing, learning about the Beatles, butts, boogers,poop (thank you Captain underpants) asking Dad all these interesting "manly" questions regarding Star wars, Marvel comics and making some very funny comments through out the year... As the Holidays approached our life got a little more busy but it had purpose! Spending time with friends and family...We got an amazing Christmas present, Jose landed his first Job as an attorney and I couldn't be more proud of him!  2017 started off slow for me just to get me ready for the remainder of the year! It ended really well and we are so beyond grateful to our Heavenly Father for the blessings, opportunities, health, protection and peace we received this last  year. We know we couldn't do any of this without him, our family and the prayers from so many of you.  2017 didn't pass without trials because well... trials we had plenty.  I chose to write the good and remember the best moments. I will say this, 2017 taught me to be more patient and endure. It taught me to have faith and hope and to know that he has a plan for me and my family.  It has taught me that he has not, nor will not forget me in my deepest most troubling moments. It has taught me that it's ok to be sad, disappointed etc.. but to seek him in those dark moments to feel his light. 2017 also taught me that I can do hard things and that I am immensely blessed to have this wonderful man by my side and my goofy, sweet kids!  We have big goals for 2018 and intend on meeting them. We are focusing on our family more now and our home. The last few years with school in the way and me working a lot our poor home got neglected and we are finally able to dedicate more time to it. I cannot wait until next year to fill you in! xoxo

Monday, January 16, 2017


I am a little embarrassed that this past year I have only blogged 1 time! and that was to Welcome 2016! I have been busy! It sure was great to read last years post and see all the new things our family has been up to! Jose has been so happy in school and is now on his very LAST semester! Can you hear those angels singing Hallelujah?? because I definitely can jiji He has had some fun adventures in school. He has been a part of some great programs as well as events.  I cannot speak for him so maybe if time permits I will have him edit this post and add a highlight of his year... What I can say is that he has been part of a program at school that helps immigrant children who are now in the foster system and it has been very rewarding, he also got to sit at a table with high school students and talk about his career choice, his sacrifices to get here and what he would do differently. He is helping coordinate a monthly event sponsored by our church and supported by ASU to help the community with immigration questions and family law issues,  I got to hear him on the radio and pretty much cried in the car... because I'm just that kind of wife :)  He has been up to a lot and love watching him grow!!  His weeks are always full of things to do for school, church, family  but he always squeezes time in for soccer! all in all 2016 has been a great year for this guy! Sadie this year is in 3rd grade and getting more beautiful! She loves being active and recently got braces. I always admire her strength. Since she has had them on she has not complained or cried. It is pretty amazing.  She has lots of friends and of course boys that are friends.. I am worried that she will be so boy crazy but it is soo funny to see her squirm when we see a boy from her school hahah thata girl! that's exactly how mommy and daddy want her to be FOREVER or at least until college.  Riley boy started Kindergarten this year and has learned to read right away. In his previous school for speech all they focused on was sounds and articulation. I was really concerned he would be behind in class this year but he has thrived. He loves school and is sooo particular as to how he does homework. He even double checks my work and makes sure I signed off on his calendar.. "mommy did you sign?, did you have me count to 100 and do my sight words?" he is a hoot. He still loves to draw and has been so focused on that! He loves setting the item in front of him and patiently drawing it. I love to see his creativity come to life.  Last but not least ME this year has been great My career in Real Estate is moving along really well. This was my first full year!! and I sold 16 homes! and became a Multi-Million Dollar Producer! whoop whoop! I truly have been so blessed this year and because of that we were able to hit some financial goals this year that I was sure would not happen until my husband got a J.O.B. There have been some miracles in 2016 and for that I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to provide for my family and for truly knowing what we need when we need it. I am also so grateful to my family, my clients and my friends who refer clients to me and who believe in me. I could not of done this with out you! This next year we have some big goals and dreams. #1 is to graduate and pass the bar! #2 sell lots and lots of houses #3 the most important is to add another baby to this family. 2016 was not our year for that but I pray next year we may be able to add to our family. Our kids pray daily for it and although there are times I get very frustrated with the situation. I know its in the lords hands and in his Timing. I think if I zoom out on 2016 I will see the bigger picture and realize that was the lesson I had to learn this year.  I think that theme has applied to most everything I did this year. "It is all in God's timing".  Now that I have learned it, I have to apply it and  hope 2017 is a good year for my family.. I hope it brings health, wealth, peace, joy, family, laughs, and great memories!  I pray you an your family have a great rest of the year and that amazing things happen for your family as well!!

Here are a few fun things pics of this year! I know there were many more highlights this year but I can't sit still an upload 1,000 pictures! :) enjoy!
Valentines Day! For every dot they put on each other they had to say what they loved about each other! it was a cute game!

Easter 2016

I Raced my 22 medal, fast running, tiny leg, old man. Winner finally claimed this vintage 1968 Chevy Pick up. He lost! I won! He was one sore loser!...literally! Sorry Pops this Truck is mine now! hopefully in 2017 I can fix it up !

Kids Loved Soccer! Riley enjoyed snack time and once the season was over NOW he wanted to play!!

My 30th Birthday!!!

Sadie was Baptized by her Papi!

Summer break fun! spending time with the cousins and a trip to Lego land.

First day of school and a week later this guy turned 5!!
2 Sweet boys were added to our family in 2016! Remley and Conrad!

Jose at a Law Event looking Dapper. It only took him 2hrs, cross eyed in front of the mirror and 5 YouTube videos to figure out how to tie his bow tie but he did it and did a mighty fine job.
Jose was in the paper a couple of times! Proud Mama bear moment for me! All the people he has met this year have been wonderful!!

The beach with the BARRIOS Clan!! and celebrating Jose's Birthday on the Beeech

Brace face!! The cutest girl!

Me and my fancy plaque! whoop! 

I really hope you all have a wonderful 2017!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


I cannot believe I am writing this!  I am also in denial that it is CHRISTMAS.. I won't complain because I do love Christmas but this year just has gone by way too fasssstttt!  Our 2015 started off a little rough but it has improved a whole lot. We are very very grateful for that. ;)  Jose is doing great in school. He is really enjoying it and just finished his finals last week. It was very stressful and he studied almost all day long but I am so proud of his dedication to his school work.  He is very disciplined and focused on his Goals. He received some awesome news before his semester was over.  Squire Patton Boggs offered him an internship. It is a large international firm and covers many different areas of law.  He is so excited to start and get that "real lawyer' experience.  As of December 10th he is half way done with school and that makes me sooo happy! Our kids are doing great Sadie loves school. P.E is her favorite subject. On P.E days she always makes sure she wears her NIKE'S and "gym clothes" Sadie is super chatty (not sure where she got that from) and a few weeks ago  She  professed her love to a boy and bravely asked him Do you love me? when I asked her why she did that she said "well I just had to know, you know?!". Gulp... She is a funny girl! pretty sure my Hubby asked Santa for a shot gun this year!.. Riley is doing great his speech is doing so well he may not need speech next year. He has been trying so hard to use his SSSSSS sound.  He considers himself a "shy" boy but he is hilarious! he says and does the funniest things. He still loves drawing so much and has started drawing more letters and numbers as part of his art work. I just love it! and last but not least ME! I am doing great.  I am still the 2nd counselor in Relief society and it has been good we have had a wonderful year with the sisters in our ward. They are all so special. My new career as a Realtor has been good too I started towards the end of September. Since then I closed on 2 homes, and 3 rentals. I have great mentors that have helped me learn a lot in the 3 short months of working! It has been tough to adjust to the whole working mom thing but as time goes by I will learn what works for our family and find a good balance and then there will be no stopping me :) This new career has been a huge blessing for me and my family especially during this time where I am the only one working. I can still be at home and generate income and not feel like I am away from the kids for too long. I am so excited for 2016. I have lots of goals and can't wait to help people sell their homes and help others get into their dream home. As a family we also have some exciting goals as well as some exciting events happening in 2016.. Sadie gets Baptized! I turn 30!!(eek) and Riley starts Kindergarten! Those events are pretty important and I  wish I could freeze time! anyway!... I am so grateful for my family's support this year and for the great friends I have and have made! We have had difficult times this year but our blessing outweigh our trials and for that reason I have to say 2015 has been wonderful!  Our family would like to wish you 

 Check out our past Christmas

En Español

No puedo creer que estoy escribiendo esto! Todavia no puedo creer que ya es Navidad. No tengo ninguna queja porque me encanta la Navidad, pero este año se ha pasado muy rapido! Nuestro 2015 empezó un poco dificil pero ha mejorado un montón. Estamos muy agradecidos por eso. ;) A Jose le va muy bien en la escuela. Le gusta mucho lo que esta estudiando. El acaba de terminar sus examenes finales de este semestre. Fue muy estresante y estudió durante casi todo el día, pero me siento tan orgullosa de su dedicación a su trabajo escolar. Él es muy disciplinado y esta muy enfocado en lograr sus metas. Recibió muy buenas noticias antes de que su semestre haya terminado. Squire Patton Boggs le ofreció una pasantía. Es un bufete internacional y cubre muchas áreas diferentes de la ley. Él está tan entusiasmado de poder empezar y obtener esa experiencia. A partir del 10 de diciembre esta a la mitad del camino y ya casi termina y eso me hace muuuy feliz! Nuestros niños están muy bien Sadie ama la escuela. Educacion fisica es su clase favorita. El dia que le toca Educacion Fisica ella siempre se asegura de ponerse sus NIKES y "ropa de gimnasio" Sadie es super habladora (no estoy seguro de donde saco eso) y hace unas semanas Ella profeso su amor a un niño de su clase y valientemente le preguntó ¿me amas? Cuando le pregunté por qué le pregunto eso me dijo: "Bueno, yo sólo tenía que saber, sabes?!"....Estoy segura de que mi esposo pidió a Santa una escopeta este año por esa razon!haha Ella es una niña chistosilla!! .. Riley está muy bien. Su habla a mejorado y quizas no necesite clases de habla el siguiente año. Él ha estado tratando tan duro para utilizar el sonido de la SSSSSS. Él se considera a sí mismo un "niño tímido" pero él es chistosisimo! Dice y hace las cosas más divertidas. Él todavía ama dibujar mucho y ha comenzado a dibujar más letras y números como parte de sus obras de arte. Eso me encanta! Y por último YO! Estoy bien. Sigo como la segunda consejera en la sociedad de socorro y ha sido estupendo, hemos tenido un año maravilloso con las hermanas en nuestra barrio. Todas ellas son tan especiales. Mi nueva carrera como agente en bienes y raíces ha sido buena. Comencé a finales de Septiembre. Desde entonces he cerrado en 2 ventas de casas y 3 de renta . Tengo mentores muy buenos que me han ayudado a aprender mucho en los 3 cortos meses de trabajo! Ha sido difícil ajustarme a ser Madre que trabaja pero a medida que pasa el tiempo voy a aprender lo que funciona para nuestra familia y encontrar un buen equilibrio y entonces no habrá nadie que me detenga:) Esta nueva carrera ha sido una gran bendición para mi familia y para mi, especialmente durante este tiempo donde yo soy la única que trabaja. Todavía puedo estar en casa y generar ingresos y no sentirme alejada de los niños durante demasiado tiempo. Estoy tan emocionada por el año 2016. Tengo un montón de metas y no puedo esperar para ayudar a  gente a vender sus casas y ayudar a otros a entrar en la casa de sus sueños. Como familia, también tenemos algunas metas, así como  acontecimientos importantes en 2016. Sadie sera bautizada! Yo cumplire 30 años EEK!! Riley comienza el kinder! Esos acontecimientos son muy importantes y me gustaría poder congelar el tiempo! Pero bueno yo se que eso es imposible!... Estoy muy agradecida por el apoyo de mi familia este año y por los grandes amigos que tengo y he hecho! Hemos tenido momentos difíciles este año, pero nuestra bendición superan nuestros pruebas y por eso puedo decir que el 2015 ha sido maravilloso!  Nuestra familia le desea

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I couldn't be happier with our fixer upper! We fell in love with its potential and layout. That is the most important thing to look at in a house. If it is old and out dated those are easy things to fix but the layout.... not so much! We are so excited to continue working on it and I can't wait for a few more projects to be done so I can show them to you!! On the to-do list is Flooring and the Entry! and a few more surprises! can't wait! for now here are a few of the Before and After projects we worked on in the past.

A little extra one:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Change, Change, Change!!!

There is a lot of fun changes happening in our Home!

  1.   Jose CHANGED Law schools. He had a skype interview with the Dean of admissions from BYU she said he was a strong candidate and  we were very excited..but at the end, it didn't work out. We were a bit depressed that week and went through a whole gallon of ice cream (don't judge) ;) 2 weeks later he was accepted to ASU Law. We are thrilled! more growth, more  opportunities! and we get to stay close to family and friends. 
  2.  Sadie CHANGED elementary schools. After being on a wait list for a long while they finally accepted her in the new school! She is excited that she gets to walk home with her older, much cooler cousin. He already let her know that if anyone messed with her that he would let them know who he was and that he was in 5th grade! Gulp! that will scare any bully away...
  3.  Riley's school schedule CHANGED I wasn't a big fan because when he leaves 2hrs later I have to go get Sadie. Running errands and napping can't really fit in :) but it is nice to spend time with him one on one before he leaves and then I get to spend 2 hrs with Sadie before he gets home. win-win
  4. My career CHANGED  you can call me Mrs. Realtor :)  I am still Mrs. Mommy << this career does not come with a retirement plan. I will always be Mommy! I  had been thinking of becoming a Realtor for a long time because of my love for our fixer upper and the fact that I wanted to help people get there own little place to call home! I hate to say this out loud because I don't like to sound like I am full of myself but.... :) I have never felt like I was good at many things and after we purchased our home and I started doing stuff to it. Like painting, redecorating,using manly tools and just creating my own techniques and style.  I finally felt like I had found something I was good at! Then it started developing into more. (dreaming)What if I bought a little house fixed it up and flipped it?! or I would spend hours looking at houses online imaging how I would decorate it and who would love it etc.. So I thought maybe just maybe I can get my license and in a few years be the next Joanna Gaines haha or Chip any of those two will work. So during the summer my husband was was on break from school for 3 months and thanks to his love and support and watching our 2 little ones I was able to take a 9 day crash course,pass the school test.. study for a whole week and then Pass the REAL test on the first try!! It was the best birthday present a girl could get! I am now working for a great company and I can't wait to start helping people! I have a lot of dreams and hopes with this new career.  A LOT of things have not gone my way lately and it has been really hard to accept but when I stop and embrace all the new CHANGES in our life. I realize that Heavenly Father has hand picked and delivered all of these CHANGES to our family. Things that we saw as a burden or not the right outcome have grown and blossomed into beautiful blessings. I am Grateful for that and for him always watching over our family!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

I had to clean up my house this morning..On Mothers Day!..Say what??? well my husband wasn't home and although I would have much rather lay on the couch and get fed grapes one by one by my kids on this special day. I decided I should clean the place up. As I got my kids pumped to help it dawned on me How important I am around here :)  I realized if I wasn't around, that Otter pop wrapper would be stuck in between the couches for ages. The kids/husband would have dinner on a sticky, messy dining table, they would eat out of plastic plates and cups because dishes would never ever be done and our floor would be that 3 full course meal that my dog has dreamt of his whole life. At times I think ugh laundry,cleaning..dinner but today I felt empowered while I  cleaned {this may never happen again :)} I was the boss lady around here! I was in charge of my home and by cleaning up, serving and loving my family I felt whole. I felt like this was meant for me that no one could take my place {and better not} My kids need me. My husband needs me. This is my divine purpose... yup to clean! to organize, to wash, to worry, to discipline, to nurture,to Love and to cuddle. Its not the most glamorous job at times but when I am trying hard and doing my best my children treat me like royalty and my husband bows at my feet! ;) Motherhood is a powerful thing!!!

I learned a lot today while I swept didn't I?!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful women!!!
Remember how Important you are to your family..ALWAYS!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Infertility Awareness Week

When I first got married I had everything planned out.  It was July 2007 I was 21 and a few days away from getting married. We wanted kids right away.  We wanted them back to back and by 25-26 I wanted to be done. I wanted 4 kids, 5 was ok too.. It was a perfect plan! 3 months into my marriage a positive test was in my hand. I texted,called and celebrated within minutes of looking at the test results. I was excited!!!!!!! We were excited. 9 months later in June 2008 our sweet girl was born healthy, strong and gorgeous. When my little one turned 3 months I took another pregnancy test because  we were on a mission and our plan was working! I was pregnant again!! yay! I squealed with excitement and whispered the news to my sweet baby. I told my husband and again we were happy! I told no one my sweet secret. I wanted to wait this time. A week later I was cuddling my baby and I felt so much pain in my stomach I got up and realized it was not good. I rushed to the Doctor and my blood results were positive but everyday the HCG count was lower.. I was so sad but it was ok I was going to be fine. We kept trying and nothing.  A year later  I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was mad and afraid that I wouldn't be able to have another baby. We still decided to continue to try and another miscarriage happened. Again I picked myself up and I tried again! no such luck. We finally went on medication. 3 rounds later August 2011 I gave birth to a Handsome baby boy.  When he was 7 months I took another test. 2 lines. Positive!! I was in shock so the next day I took another one. 2 lines! My husband was happy and I just couldn't believe it so I took another test. The 2nd line was faint. 2 days later and another line. Not pregnant and again we continued to try. 2015 nothing. My plan didn't work. I'm 28 and have 2. If things would have worked out my plan would have been a success. I cry sometimes. I get angry and at times I'm just over it. What I have learned in this whole journey is that I can't focus on my problem and I can't label myself infertile. I want to think of it as My Heavenly Father watching out for me and waiting for the right moment for me and my family. It still isn't the right time. I cannot plan my life out and expect it to run smoothly. I cannot control certain changes in my life.  I cannot live my life thinking and feeling that pain of not being able to have a baby or looking at someone else's life and wish it were me.  I have done that too.  Its not good for the soul. Satan likes to see us vulnerable, weak and unhappy.  He can really get in our heads.  There has been moments where I allowed him to win and I believed it. I believed I could not have kids because I was not a good mom. I was not that patient ,soft spoken mom.  At night when I would lay down after having  a bad day with my kids, I would tell myself. 'This is why you can't have more because you are a horrible mom..You can't be patient with the ones you have". .... I will admit I am not as patient as I should be but Satan is a jerk. He is a deceitful person. He preys on me while I pray to the Lord. He tries to use my weakness and trials to make me question a lot of things. I just have to have faith and hope that things will some day be right for us. The best thing I can do is stop trying to plan every aspect of my life  because he knows what is best for me and my family. I need to learn to Enjoy my life. Enjoy the 2 little ones that I do have and love on them and be grateful for them in my life. It is important to stay positive and have hope that things will work out in the end. If I don't get my 5 kids here in this life then I know they will be waiting for me above! The last 8 years have definitely not gone as planned and that is the beauty of it all. Trusting in the lords timing and the bumps in the road. I love my family and I love what has come to be of my life.