Friday, November 28, 2014

Moms Project! - COMPLETE

It's Finally done! I hope you all like it!! I did a lot of Thrifting,home goods shopping, craigslisting and many many Home depot trips. The guy at paint section said "you look so familiar" I just chuckled to myself and said thats because I come here daily! 

Here She is! I hope you love it!!! because I do!!! 


A special thanks to my husband who was the electrician on this project he installed the pendent light and can lights. My brother in law did all the plumbing and installing of the cabinet. Also to my sisters who painted and watch my kids so I could get this done! 

Madrecita, Espero que le guste su baño. Quisera dare le mas y hacer mas por usted porque es una Madre muy Especial!! Algun día Si podré!! :) xoxox