Monday, November 17, 2014

My Mothers Project!

Recently my Mother asked me if I could help her fix up her bathroom and I was thrilled to receive the challenge!!! I gave my Mom a budget number $$ and she wasn't too thrilled! So she bargained with me :) like mother like daughter..
Our budget was $400 to revamp her bathroom… 
…..This Ugly Bathroom…

My Mother is going to die when she sees this post but I had to Share these pics.. and yes thats my little guy starring at himself lol This bathroom has not been touched since we moved to this house 20 some years ago…eek.. so this bathroom is very dated about 40 yrs. or so but hey who's counting. The Bathroom itself worked fine. It got 4 Girls ready for school each day. It was tight squeeze getting all of us in there and we almost always fought to use it. It literally was a war zone! My 3 older sisters always made me wait my turn… but after this transformation they will be rolling the red carpet for me when I need to use it! ;) lol 

After pics COMING SOON!!!

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