Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving decor

I hardly decorate my house for thanksgiving especially since It's so close to Christmas but I am getting in the spirit!  One of my older sisters (Carolina)did this awesome wreath that had a cute banner that said "gratitude" with dictionary pages and I thought it was way cute. I decided I would attempt it since it is fairly cheap and has a big wow factor! I tweaked it a little and winged it here and there because that's just what I do! You can check out this tutorial it was one of the best ones I could find.... but I'll give you my version...

This is what you need!

  • A glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • White or natural coffee filters (I bought the natural because it looks so much like burlap/linen) I bought mine at my local grocery store (Safeway) the dollar store only carries white
  • noodle or foam wreath
  • long enough piece of duck tape to wrap a couple times around noodle
  • ear muffs for your child... because you will burn yourself occasionally :)
*a little tip my sister gave me is when you put your noodle together cut each end  diagonally. Make sure it is opposite from one another so when you connect each of the ends into the circle form. It fits like a puzzle piece and then tape it using duck tape. You can also just connect it without doing the cuts but sometimes it will create a corner. 

Once you tape it together you are ready to go. 
I had my 5 year old assistant :) help me take pics of this part. The tutorial above doesn't specify how to crumble and flatten. Some of you may totally get it but I didn't. I got the hang of it towards the end when I realized I should pinch,push and flatten it down on the table. :)  anyways...

(my daughter did a good job on these pics!!lol)

Grab the coffee filters and start by crumbling filter in both hands. Then pinch it together and push down on a hard surfaces to create a flat spot on the bottom of the filter. Add hot glue to the flat spot and push it down on your noodle and continue until you fill it all up. This technique helps it all look even! this is a time consuming project so It is best to do with friends so you can chat and work at the same time. It took me about 3-4hrs to do. 

For the banner I have no pics!! I am terrible at tutorials but I'm sure your creative enough to understand!! If not email me!......So I cut out sassy thanksgiving scrapbook paper into triangles. I grabbed an old book I had that I bought for crafting and cut small squares to fit in the triangles. I then looked up a fun font and mimicked it to the banner book pages. Glued those two together and then Hot glued ithe banner letters to some twine I found at the dollar store and there you have it a banner!!.. I went and bought a roll of burlap at my local craft store so I could  hang it up. 

I hope you like it and you make your own!!! 

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