Friday, April 25, 2014

Sadie's NEWLY RENOVATED room!!!



Here it is!!! I hope you like it!!! It dawned on my that as much as my girl was a girly girl, a girly girl room was not suitable for her. If you don't know Sadie she is a SWEETHEART but very very active! I decide to do pops of color that reminded me of her personality. She is sweet and beautiful but she is spunky and fun!!

First I started by having my husband add some wood to the wall where her headboard would go. I went to home depot and bought utility plywood that was nice and smooth and had them cut into 5in. stripes. Then had my hubby nail them to the wall.  He was so quick to do it. I'm sure it's because he loves me soo much..(or maybe it was because I was breathing down his neck the whole time) I then painted the whole room a marshmallow white by Glidden but I had them use the Behr Primer in one paint. I love Behr...Then I had my hubby add baseboards (it took us 4yrs to add baseboards..whoops) I then started decorating! My favorite part!

  I searched High and Low for pillows and bedding that would match the idea in my brain but I couldn't find any!!!! One day I went clothes shopping for myself and found this awesome shirt with the perfect color combination that matched my brains idea and it was an ammmmazing moment I tell ya!!!  I bought 2 and another coordinating shirt to match and went home and made pillows. The tree one I bought at Burlington Coat Factory for $12. My sister kept questioning my decision to use white sheets, white bedding and white pillows. I was worried about it too I am not going to lie, but I didn't want a bed in a bag! A white comforter is so versatile. It matches everything and you can make it  fun by adding pillows or a cute throw!  It is a perfect solution for a crazy person like me who switches home decor frequently!! (don't be afraid to use white in your kids rooms, just tell them you will turn into the hulk if they get things dirty lol or you can teach them to keep things clean)

I bought this telephone table at an antique shop for $30 and bartered a 10% discount and It worked. It was EXACTLY what I needed. Sadie's door opens and hits the wall so I couldn't get anything larger then 16in. I had originally asked my hubby to switch the way the door opened but knowing how long it takes my husband to finish things ;) I decided to try my luck in finding something small. I sure did get lucky with this piece. I brought it home and spray painted it. The color matched some of the flowers on the pillow! I was so happy!!  My daughter was also getting excited seeing all the little projects being done for her too.

I  layered her side table by adding some old books,real flowers and this bunny I found at a thrift store for $1. I brought it home and sprayed it gold. I have had this Mary Poppins Lunch box since I was pregnant with Sadie. I scored it at a garage sale where everything was .25 cents. I told myself I would one day use it in her room some how! 5 Years later it is serving a special purpose. This is where we keep Baby wipes. Every night she wipes her feet before heading into bed so she can keep it nice and clean.  The Owl Lamp was a refurbished project I did for my business but I fell in love with it and decided to keep it! It is perfect for her room and Sadie loves having a night light to read.

I had to do pom poms in her room per Request of my little client. She loves these things especially the teal one.

I did a special wall for her too. She loves seeing a picture of herself up on the wall. I haven't filled the green one but I still can't decide what to add.

I traded my sister  a few hair cuts for this old kids desk that belonged to my niece. 
Then Sprayed it Candy pink…..

I made a special spot for her to play. She loves being a teacher and playing pretends with her friends and Riley. She has really enjoyed being Mrs. Sadie. There is no goofing around in her class thats for sure  ;)

I made this cute banner  thanks to my friend Lauryn she is so talented and willing to share her ideas with me! BTW she sells some like this and other cute banners..

Last but not least I made this wood Valence for her window and it really makes a statement especially with the soft coral curtains I bought. My hubby was very skeptical about this valance but sometimes man need an extra push to remind them that their wife's crazy Idea always ends up being awesome!! :) As soon as he stepped back to look at it he was amazed!! (sorry about the pic quality! I don't have a fancy camera…yet!)

I love seeing her room finished not only because I feel piece of mind but because my little Sadie has shown me and expressed to me how happy she is to have a finished room!! Thats the reason I do the crazy all nighters, all day shopping and deal with and achy body, just to see my girl smile!!! Hope you liked it too!!


  1. I love the room. I had to show my daughter Kallee. That is too awesome. I really like the colors and I like the idea of using shirts for pillow cases. Good job!

  2. Can you please come do my whole house! This is so cute!