Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I cannot believe how fast August came and went! I seriously had planned to blog a bit but I got a little busy and then BAM! It's September and every department store is urging me to buy Christmas stuff...  When I walked into Hobby Lobby the other day I had to check my phone I thought I had missed Halloween and Thanksgiving... I wish there was a "slow it down" button.  I am barely catching up to the many things on my To-do list, being pressured to think ahead for Christmas becomes overwhelming!!!! Although August Rushed on by it was still a great Month a lot of awesome things happened and some not so awesome. I will give you a quick run through..

This Hunk finally Completed his Bachelors Degree at ASU. whoo hooo!!  He has sacrificed so much and worked very hard to get to this point! WE are all so very proud of him.  He Worked full time went to school full time, managed being a father to his 2 kids and did a good job loving his crazy wife during these last years. He is a great example to me of being disciplined and determined. Way to go honey!! I am sooo proud of you and Love you so much!!

As Daddy finished our little Sadie started! It was an emotional time for me seeing my little girl get on the bus and head to school not knowing if she would remember where her class was or if she knew how to get back on the bus. I was way more stressed then she was. She was ready to go!! My husband just looked at me and said Relax honey!.. I about kicked him lol It's hard to just let go. I cared,taught and watched over this little lady 24/7  for the last 5 years. I will always worry about her! especially since she wont be in my care..But I know she is going to be just fine! she is so confident and smart a little shy sometimes but adapts quickly and loves her new "independent' school life lol She is going to do great things in this world!!!

Once my hubby was done with school he promised to take us on a mini vacation and so off we went to California with my mother in law and sister in law to visit family and to soak in the beach!
It was a short trip but we enjoyed it very much! Riley hated the beach as you can see in the pic. He hated the sand and being dirty. Sadie on the other loved the beach she is so into the Disney  Team Beach movie so she was ecstatic to be on a beach and sure enough when we hit the sand she sang songs from the movie and danced lol... she was way happy!!! Me and the hubby enjoyed watching our kids and eating yummy home made Mexican food..

Shortly after we arrived from California I got to work!! I know I posted a tutorial of some herringbone I did on this same wall. It was very cute but I decided it wasn't the look I was going for in the bathroom so I came home and basically locked myself in the bathroom and started again. I followed this tutorial just with my own colors and measurements. I Re primed,painted Taped, painted some more and anticipated the is where the not so awesome happened..As I removed the tape the paint came with it ugh! All my hard work down the toilet! btw I used the Martha Stewart metallic for a week I came in and out of the bathroom hoping by some miracle it was fixed..nope!! so I turned on my favorite show locked myself up again and fixed it. What I really wanted to do is spray paint curse words on this wall but that wouldn't be flattering. So a few weeks of my August were spent on this project! In the end it was how I in visioned the wall and I am very happy. Here is a little sneak peek. I still have some more decorating to do but I will show pictures of the whole bathroom when I'm 100% done
**update.. click here for the finished look

sneaky peeky (I am a little bothered by our toilet not being centered but I can't fix that! oh well)

After I finished the other project I decided to take on another!!! I bought this off craigslist it came with a faucet, sink and she would deliver it at no extra cost. She mentioned it needed TLC..I am a TLC kind of person so I bought it. They dropped it off at night so I didn't see how bad of TLC it needed. Once I got it in and saw it. I was like oops! and the hubby just looked at me very confused. The top was warped and it had major water damage and dirt. The next morning I got my tool box out and went at it! removed the veneer, sanded it down to make it some what flat. Went to Home depot and purchased a thin piece of sanded plywood. I had them cut it for me :) I came home glued,nailed and stained it. I got my jigsaw saw out and re cut a hole and voila!!! a new bathroom vanity!!! all in one day and only cost me $6 bucks...The hubby got home and was shocked lol yup I am that good! lol jk I'm no Bob Vila but I sure know my way around Home depot & my power tools!! lol  I did decided to buy it a new faucet since the old one was just too grimy. Although it adds to the finally cost of the vanity it is still a great deal!! That was the last project I did in August and I will post pics once it is completed. Also a tip.don't buy off craigslist that late #1 because you feel like ur doing a drug deal when you pay them #2 you cant see in the dark!!! lol 
** here for the finished look

Last but not least a quick update on ME. I feel old! my hand is aching bad. I think it was all those DIY projects and using my hands so much. I now wear this brace my sister lend me for carpal tunnel. I don't think I have it but it is painful to do certain movements and it hurts after I use my hands a lot.  Arthritis?! I sure hope not! I will see the doc soon for it. Today I got a pinched nerve in my neck down the right side of my back so can you just imagine me. In a brace and a stiff neck lol I'm a fun sight to see. I guess August wasn't good to me physically and now September decided to join in!! As far as my weight loss.. well there is none! ha! I have lost a few but I gain right back!  I joined a gym and I am doing Zumba and running. I get frustrated because I go to the gym eat well and I gain weight! arghh I decided to stop weighing in so often hopefully that helps. I am still taking my meds. Some days metformin is nice to me other days is a struggle!! I don't want to quit although sometimes I feel I do. I am motivated to change since my husband is doing really well too and I don't want to look all frumpy when he is looking hot! lol I already posted my before pic here, so I have to do something so I don't disappoint lol!! 

Well this has been my crazy month of August I got a lot done and had a great time with family! I guess that is why it went by sooo fast. I am hoping that in September I have more time to blog so I don't have to cluster it all. My bathrooms are almost done so I am sure I will have something to blog about!! can't wait!! 


  1. That was a busy month :S But hey the bathroom is looking great and CONGRATULATIONS on your husband finishing school, yaaayyy. That accomplishment could not be done without your support so congratulations to both of you. So don't make us wait too long for those pictures por favor... ;)

  2. What measurements did you use for the herringbone bathroom? I love it!

    1. hi there! sorry for not replying right away. I spaced them vertically 5in apart using the 1in blue painters tape. The chevron strips are 3in wide i used 3in tape to get that exact size and it makes it easier so you dot have to take out the measuring tape so often! hope that helps! :)