Sunday, July 28, 2013


I have been absent from my blog for a while
now! I have been consumed with DIY  projects and getting this bathroom ready for all the professional installations. It is very exhausting.... Here is one of the many things I have been up to...This is the first 
tutorial I have ever posted so bare with me. 

I have Chevron walls in my entry so I wanted to do something like it but not exactly like our entry so I chose the herringbone style. This isn't the best pictures because of our bathroom lighting and the fact that it is Gold paint but you get the idea.  It makes it look a little ikat/rustic or as my sister would say messy...but I like the look...It is really easy. This is what you will need.

*The widest tape you can find. The one I used was 3in. 
*Paint or glaze of your choice. I went with this Gold color from Martha stewart. 
   I had it from another project but luckily it was just enough!
*A brush and the comb tool set. This is what makes the lines and this project way easier.
This kit is only 5 bucks so its a very cheap way to add a litttle spice to your home!! (bought at homedepot)

 **** note to self..practice using the comb...I tend to wing things so I didn't think I needed to. I was Wrong

Basically the first thing you do Is measure your walls to make sure you can get an even number of tape strips, without having your last strip be wider then the rest (something I didn't do, again, I wing things!)I ended up with 1 extra inch on the right side which is not very noticeable but annoys me!! lol You can also make your stripes thicker by adding another strip of tape. I went with 1 strip of tape which is 3in since my wall was very narrow. You could do 6in,9in just by doubling it side by side .. 
 So here it is easy peasy 

First you start adding the strips of tape. You do 3 in a row then remove the middle one. Try and be careful so you can reuse that strip of tape again. Once you remove it, you tape it next to the 3rd strip of tape. Adding another one next to that and removing the middle one. Basically you will always remove the the same middle strip of tape you first started with all through your wall unless it gets tangled and you have to use a new one. That strip of tape just acts as spacer or ruler so you always have the same amount of space between each strip of tape and cuts out having to measure and level each line (the annoying part of any project). When you are done it should look like pic#3. You then take your paint and start either one stripe at a time or a portion at a time so it doesn't dry on you. Using your comb and making diagonal lines going down starting from the top left.////////// Once you do your first lines you will know how to angle the rest of the stripes. remove the tape you will see this.

Diagonal lines all going down.////// Let it dry for about an hour. Now I wasn't able to take pics of the next step but it is very easy. Since all of your stripes should be a perfect 3 inches width, you take your 3 inch tape and tape on top of the painted stripes. It is very important you wait for your paint to dry so just use your own judgment on the time it will take. Basically your finished outcome will be like picture #3 again, your painted stripes will be covered exposing only your wall color. Now do the same thing you did before with your paint but this time go down diagonally from the OPPOSITE side your started \\\\\\\\..that is what will create your chevron look. Once you are done take your tape then you can use a small brush to fix any minor imperfections and then step back and admire your work..

Tips: practice first on left over dry wall or even paper.
*when you apply the paint stroke the brush diagonally the way your lines should go.
*Make sure you press down good on your tape before applying the paint. 
*using the combs can be tricky especially when your have to do the stripes near the wall. Its better to hold the comb vertical against the corner walls and drag at an angle to get the diagonal line. if you attempt to already hold your comb at an angle it wont let you get into the corner very good and you will miss areas..
*It felt easier for me to do one full strip at a time. 
*If you mess up hurry and apply more paint on top of your error and try again

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