Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Entry project

The bathroom is at a stand still. Tile still needs to be put in and I need to finish the vanity. Lots of little things need to be finished and I'm over here like "lets work on the Entry instead!" lol I guess I am just a tad overwhelmed by all the work I still have to do in the bathroom reno & making sure my kids make it out alive while keeping our house looking decent. Something has to give!!!!! Me...lol actually the house! Its a huge MESS but I have a good excuse. So back to the Entry. I decided to finish it up it didn't require to much work since I had already gathered all the things I wanted to display. I just needed to put it together and make it mine. I decided to make the wall a "home collage"wall  collecting all kinds of things that reminded me of HOME adding my style to it so most of these things were purchased in a thrift store, down to the frames. What can you say I like to be One of a kind!
I consider my style to be... Vintage Farmhouse chic...(if thats even a design style)!!Lol I love shabby chic but to much makes me feel like a granny so a little here and there makes me a happy girl. Anything Farmhouse gets me going and vintage just shows off my corky side. I love the old signs and the humor they had back in the day. Anyway. Like I said before I'm no HGTV design star but I do what I can.  Here are some pics...

Before It had paneling and a built in flower box with fake flowers.. It had faux stone painted on the floor just in the entry section..and a very old light that belongs in a museum. Building a concrete garden box  inside a house is a big NO NO!!  and a Why?! lol The After.... I stayed up until the crack of dawn for like 3 days straight and painted chevron stripes. I bought some brackets and wood and built me a shelf. The chalk board is to write holiday themed quotes or whatever I want! The lighting is not ideal but it will have to do until I find something that fits in that area.

some of my favorite pieces are those 2 love birds on my shelf. Bought them at a Yard sale for $2. make me smile every time I see them. I also got this church bench at Goodwill for $50 and reupholstered it and now is a huge conversation started. 

And the  Honorable mention goes to these guys.... across from that Entry wall is another small wall where this deer hangs. I bought it at Zgallery it was originally in Riley's room but it scared him too much. lol the Middle pic is a cork board I made to display all of my kids art! it is located in the hallway so people get to see their art on the way out.  These frames in my collage are my fave. The top one says "this is a high class place act respectable" I fell in love with it when I saw it at a thrift shop. It was the inspiration to my Home collage wall. The 2 middle pics are pictures I took in the homes of our grandparents. They are a reminder of where we come from and where we can always feel at home. The left is my grandmothers "porton" Spanish for garage door. When we go visit the minute we pull up and see this huge white Porton with the red string coming out. We know we are HOME. The picture on the left is taken inside my husbands grandfathers home. It is a picture of his bike against the most amazing brick backdrop. He rides that bike everyday to his farm , works very hard and rides back home. Its a reminder to us that our family has worked very hard so we can have this amazing Home we live in. 

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