Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today is my sweet girls Birthday!! She is 5 going on 16.  When Sadie was born the first thing I did was cry,kiss her a million times and then I put a huge flower on her head. My mom immediately said to me.. take that off its gonna hurt her. I just looked at her and said..."Mom, she has to get use to it. I'm a diva so she's a Diva. Its in our blood!" It was a joke (kinda) Now I see it really is in her blood! I love her so much!! Happy Birthday my Sweetheart!!!

I made these outfits for her before she was born. Never thought that they would look so cute on her.
This was the only pic I could get of her today. I usually take pics of her in our yard on her Birthday but seeing that it was blazing hot. I was only able to get 3 before she said "I'm getting super sweaty.. I just can't do this right now" and then she ran off inside!!! yup that's my Diva girl!! lol so maybe when it cools down I'll get a few better ones. 

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