Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bathroom reveal

It's been a long time coming!! With the exception of baseboards and replacing the fan switch our bathroom is done! I couldn't wait any longer to post. I wanted to add some metal letters and finish baseboards before I blogged about it but by the time I can afford to buy them my bathroom will be out of date :)  When I do get the letters up  I will post a pic. Baseboards are baseboards and those will be done soon.  For now here are pictures of our 3 years in the making bathroom remodel. Here  is the story behind our renovation and Pictures of the Before.


I call it the Farmhouse vintage chic bathroom! 
It's a mixture of it all and I couldn't be any happier. I may sound like a horrible mother but I don't believe in catering all my decor to my children's liking because I just don't like specific themed rooms. Plus this was a huge renovation. I didn't want to have to redo it in 5 years when my kids grow out of  the child phase and of course... It's Momma's house!!! :) I do what I want!! right honey?! :)

 I love the toilet!! sounds strange but I do!! We got these at Lowe's and they don't have the annoying plumbing ridges on the sides so I don't have to worry about dusting or cleaning that area anymore! ugh so nasty!! Thank you hubby for letting me splurge on that just so I don't have to kneel down and clean who knows what! :)

 I love the way my gold chevron/herringbone wall came together with the vintage soap box and cotton tin. The gold ducky was just pure perfection. I drove to the thrift store in search for rubber duckies to spray paint gold when I saw it at the store I thought Holy moly did they put this out because they knew I was coming!!! (love those moments) I also added jars (goodwill) with cotton and soaps I purchased at the dollar store. I wanted to make my own soap bars for the antique look but I just had no time! These cheap squared ones did the trick I just shaved the soap name off and nicked them here and there to get the old look I wanted. The Gold mason Jar was hanging out at my house from a past church activity so I just added some Hydrangeas from Michael's. I did not purchase the individual stems because they were 8 dollars a pop and I needed 3 to 4 stems per jar. Well that was too much money for fake flowers so I got smart and went in search for a hydrangea flower arrangement and I got lucky! They had Fall arrangements with these flowers and there was like 8 stems for 10bucks!! They weren't as full but it was perfect! brought it home, took it apart and got 2 flower arrangements out the 1 and for the cost of 1  hydrangea stem! (just a little tip, your welcome hubby!! just saved you a bundle lol) The shelf brackets are from Ikea and the wood shelves are just wood I bought at Home Depot. I had them cut it for me and went home to stain it.

       I Love Craigslist and I love that my Husband is the KING of haggling!! I use to be so embarrassed when he would attempt to bargain but now I expect it and he has shown me the ropes so I have been able to score some great deals!!  He went and bought this buffet for me and came home with $30 to spare! so I was a happy girl!!

 I spent long nights sanding,painting  and turning this buffet into this beautiful vanity!  It took me 2 rounds for it to turn out how I wanted it. We added some Krauss sinks from Home Depot. Then bought some awesome faucets from our friend Ryan who also sold us the Tub and all shower faucets.

These Mirrors  were originally old windows I purchased at my local antique store. I sent them out to get custom mirrors put in and when I went to pick them up the funny old man said "oh your here to pick up those ugly mirrors huh?" I laughed it off because I thought Mister you don't even know how AWESOME these are gonna look in my bathroom!! 

We went for larger sized Subway tile from Lowe's with white grout and took it all the way to the top. Very simple yet it makes a huge statement. I am glad my husband agreed to remove the soffit above the shower and vanity because it makes the bathroom looks so much taller.  

I was so excited to get this puppy in! We had looked everywhere for a nice tub but Home Depot and Lowe's did not have anything I liked. They were so basic and reminded me of the ugly apartment tubs. Thanks to our friend Ryan from Central Plumbing in Phoenix my dream came true! I finally owned a soaker tub! I love baths and so do my kids so It was an essential part of this bathroom. 

 Last but not least our Wood Tile. I am in lovvve with it!!  We are so lucky to have amazing tile guys in our family!! Their work is impeccable and so detailed! They did such a great job with our shower and floors. This Tile just ties in that  farmhouse look I envisioned . I really like the look of it but I love the practicality of it even more! Hopefully I can convince my husband to do this to our whole entire home!!! (wishful thinking)

I hope you enjoyed the tour! I know my kids love their new bathroom. Sadie asks for baths everyday and she deserves them since she patiently waited 3 years to have a bathtub put in her home!!! I'm glad we are done. Now to finish our powder room!!

To be continued!......


  1. I know I told you this already, but this is seriously so amazing. I am in awe. I love all the details. I agree with keeping the bathroom in your own style. This is something they can grow up with, because it is so classy.

  2. I am in love with everything in this bathroom! Have you completed it? Do you know what color you used on your buffet? I really like that. Amazing job!

    1. Thank you!!! No baseboard still have not gone in :/ eeeekk I hope it doesn't take us another 3 years lol we are still working on our half bath as soon as that one is finshed we are going to complete them by adding baseboards! You know that color I picked out 2 or 3 years ago it's the same color as my door but I ended up mixing a another color in there. I will do some research for you and let you know what color it is. And thanks so much for stopping by!! There are a lot more projects to finish so stick around :)