Monday, June 24, 2013


*** See the AFTER HERE****

Every single time I watch HGTV's Design star I always criticize and say "Oh my gosh I could totally do better". My husband usually agrees just to keep me quiet or gives me the "shoot me now" look. Which is perfectly fine with me! That's my exact feeling when I watch ESPN!... anyways now that I have experienced the whole "designer" thing. I must say I don't think I would cut it on that show! Picking out things that will not change for a long while is very stressful. Like I said before I am the type that changes her mind every 30min. I decided to just go with what I loved and just attempted to not over think the decision. We are now a few weeks away from finishing. I wanted to share with you all what It looked like before that way you can see how ugly it was. We have put in a lot of sweat and tears  mostly his sweat and my tears lol I can't wait to be done with it!!!!!!

This is the bathroom when we first purchased it. (3yrs ago) It was blue! all blue!! with wallpaper all over! we started demo a soon as we closed! then we realized we ran out of mula! so we locked it up and re-opened it 3 years later lol!
Thank you to my sisters this blue wallpaper came down!! about 2 years ago lol

This is what it currently looks like and it actually looks way better then the blue! lol
In a few weeks I will post the AFTER!! I'm so excited about that!!!!

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