Monday, September 29, 2014

Powder Bathroom Reveal

This month has been a little Wonky! Our house had some flood damage from the storm at the beginning of the month and it has thrown me off! I had lots of things I wanted to accomplish but getting my house back in order has been top priority. If I didn't, I'm sure I would be in a nut house right now!  Well here is the finished Bathroom and some details about the project! and to stay true to myself there are still a few minor things I need to finish.(baseboards) #ineverfinishanything 
We can blame it on the flood!! lol

**Sorry about the picture quality. I still haven't bought a fancy camera!

I bought this Vanity on Craigslist and I have to say this time I did not do such a great job on bartering. Maybe because the people delivered it to me at 9pm and it was dark! Tip #1 Don't buy things at night off craigslist. In the morning when I went to roll up my sleeves I realized this was one of those pieces that should have just been chucked. BUT! I was on a budget and the hubby had already given me the glare so I really had to polish it up!

In this pic I had already fixed the major issues just needed to paint.  I had to remove the veneer from the top and as I did that I realized I had to just replace the top. I cut a new piece of wood,nailed it, restained it, sealed and drilled holes for the new faucet. For the bottom I painted it a beautiful Coral color, distressed it a bit, removed the bottom drawer and added wood for a shelf since the drawers were in terrible condition.  This is what it looks like now.

I bought this large oval mirror on craigslist and painted it coral too. Once I added it to the wall I realized it was too bare and too matchy matchy. So I made this wood panel and added it to the back to give it a pop! and I absolutely love it!!
This is how I did it!

I gathered and cut some left over pieces I had laying around from when I made shelves like these. I also had an old Ikea bed slat that I no longer needed. I put a large piece and small piece for a little variation. I distressed the wood by hitting it with the prongs of my hammer and when I stained it. The distress marks were highlighted and it made it look old and beautiful!

We got a new toilet! yay! and this awesome barn light fixture. Which I bought at a thrift store for $5 bucks!! brand new in its original package! I was in heaven when I came home with it!

New antique style faucet.

Last but not least a little reminder for our guest to not only Be Nice but to Pee Nicely!!

It's Pretty subtle and only takes most of the wall space. ;) hopefully it helps keep the bathroom clean and makes some of those boys laugh a bit!

I hope you enjoyed the new and improved Powder Bathroom.
Check out the before here.