Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fast DIY shelves

I have been asked by several people how I did the shelves in my entry. 

These shelves make such a huge statement and are so fast to make. So here is what I did! I bought everything at Homedepot!!!  Before I went I made sure I measured how long I wanted the shelf so I can get the wood precut there. This is a must!  You don't have to come home and cut it yourself especially if you don't have the right tools and It is free you just have to speak up! 

This is the wood I buy its called a common board. I usually buy the $10 one which is like 10in wide and 6ft or 8ft tall. I always make sure it looks clean and that it is straight. I usually make myself at HOME and lay it on the ground to make sure it lays pretty flat. 
 **A little tip sometimes Homedepot  has a scrap bucket or cart in the back and they have wood for a few bucks. You might get luck and find one of these boards there and save $$. 

These are the brackets I buy. I get the Satin Nickel but they have different finishes and only $8! These brackets are close to the cabinet hardware not the shelf department but you can look there too. Ikea has some cool ones too like the ones I used in my bathroom and they are also inexpensive. 

  I then bring home the wood and sand it with a sanding block. I highly recommend the blocks verses sand paper or the sand paper holders that always snap off….once its ready. I stain it with this MinWax Early American 230.  Now here is a secret/tip but I am no professional lol I never shake the stain even though it says Shake well before using… lol This technique of not shaking has given me the perfect color that I love! It looks like aged wood. When I do shake it, it is too red for my taste and although I have tried different stain colors that weren't red they have never matched up to my love for the Early American stain...not shaken, not stirred!! ;) 

Once the stain is dried you put the brackets up and add a couple screws from the brackets to the wood to secure it so it won't slip off.  There you have it!! Shelves!!! Fast, Easy and Cheap!!!

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