Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sadie's 6th birthday party

We had a little party for Sadie on Saturday.
It was her first birthday bash with friends and family!  It was lots of fun! She wanted a Teen Beach inspired party so that is what we gave her. Here are some pics and some details..

Sadie loves this movie!!!.. I can't lie so do I!!

My sweet husband helped me cut a replica of that Big momma sign. I used my silhouette and a beachy font from!  It came out awesome!! 

I printed 8x10s of  Sadie from each year of her life and put them in spray painted dollar store frames! I was in disbelief when I saw that these frames were only a buck!!!! They are plastic but are chunky and cute they are the thin basic ones.
Build your own kabob! 
Can't have a beach theme party without a tiki bar!! The Menu: Chicken dip, salsa, chips and hotdogs!

A personal cake for Sadie and cupcakes for her guest! Mandarin orange with pineapple frosting!!! Mmmmm!!! Yum!!! The cake stands were DIY.  I found a set of candleholders, sprayed them blue, bought pizza pans from the dollar store sprayed them too and Glued them together with hot glue. I usually use E6000 but I finished them a day before the party and didn't what to deal with the strong glue smell! As I am getting ready to store everything I decided it would have been better to not glue them at all. It makes it easier to store and to pass them out too.
Lets party and forget the rest because we are running on beach time!! My mother bought me this clock a while back. It Came in handy! I re-painted it,added wood ,distressed it and used my silhouette to paint "beach time" 

We rented this awesome water slide from our friend she had this dolphin one that was perfect for our theme!! it was soo much fun! I even tried it out! 

A family from our church let us borrow the surf boards! It really made this party feel so beachy!!

Fishnet, color mason jar,clearance flowers from fry's and a real coconut as the centerpiece (never buy full price flowers for your parties, gifts etc..fry's always has a bucket of flowers for a couple bucks!) 

Kids in action having fun!!

Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl!!
Make a wish baby!!
Today is her official birthday and it's bittersweet! I found myself sobbing the night I was printing out pics of her through out the years! It makes me sad that she no longer is a tiny babe and that she is growing up so fast! I do how ever love to see her growing into herself...Independent,determined, sweet and super sassy! She is such a beauty too!!! I can't imagine what my life would be without her!!! 

Happy birthday sweet girl!!...I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!! 

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  1. Katy esa fiesta se ve fabulosa, me encantaron todos los detalles de playa y que decir de la cumpleanera, se mira super linda y feliz de tener una mama tan talentosa. :)