Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adult Acne

 Growing up I had really bad ACNE! Now as an adult I still have acne.  I wanted to share this because I know there are lots of us dealing with adult acne and sometimes it's out of our control. PCOS is the one to blame in my case. I'm sure a lot of people have judged me as dirty  but what they don't know is every night I would wash my face add this cream, that cream, all kinds of voodoo crap and still in the morning my face would look the same. It is tough! A little harder now that I'm older.  It's not very "normal" to have acne as an adult. As a teenager it's acceptable to a point because it's part of growing up BUT now I'm grown and it still wont go away.
 My daughter once drew a beautiful picture of me then asked me "mommy what color are your polka dots Pink Or red?" I knew she didn't mean it at all in a hurtful way but I'm a mother now and hearing that from my sweet girl hurt. I know one day I will be perfected so in the mean time I do what I can.  I have been trying this new product called Aztec healing clay and it is suppose to work wonders on your face. I was very skeptical since I have had acne for a long time! I have tried a lot of things and some very unpleasant things to remedy it but none have worked. After reading all sorts of reviews I finally went and bought it.  After my first application I actually had a couple people tell me my face looked different. I noticed the difference too and it has made me feel good. The 2 negatives are that it's a bit stinky and you have to give yourself at least 30 minutes to just relax while it dries and sometimes I can't with 2 kids! lol but it is worth the wait.
The way I use it is I mix the clay with apple cider vinegar. Holy cow does it smell but you get use to it.  (water works too) As the clay dries on your skin you can seriously feel your blood pumping on your face and you can actually feel it sucking the dirt out of your pores. It really does feel very rejuvenating! I never thought I'd use that term. lol Once you remove it your face will be a little red but it will feel so smooth!! Lately I haven't been able to use it as often because I have been busy but when I do use it I see a change in my skin immediately. It helps a lot on my scars! I hope this may help any of you in the same boat as me. Like I said before PCOS is my issue and maybe one day it will go away or maybe it wont but for now I have seen great results so its something I will keep using. Good luck! btw I bought mine at my local Hi-health and they have one of those buy one get one %50 off  deals so of course that was the best deal for me!

(disclaimer! my room is still one of those unfinished projects so disregard it!! and my mean widows peak!only the fierce have them!! lol)

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