Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sadie's BLUE Bedroom

I am almost ready to post pics of Sadie's new room.  I wanted to share some Before pictures first. This was her bedroom back when we first purchased the house. It was BLUE, with BLUE carpet and BLUE wallpaper. really people?! why?? I couldn't believe how awful it was but when I know something has potential I don't give up and I still convinced the hubby to buy this house. Once we purchased it we started removing wallpaper and got new carpet. Sadie was still in her crib so we didn't want to do anything fancy until she was older.

Between 2010 and now her room has been painted a couple times but the color/design wasn't  cute enough to convince me to keep!! About 2 years ago I painted her room Pink and wanted to make it all girly and fun but I just couldn't pin point the exact style and colors I wanted to use. I ended up just leaving it bare pink and didn't decorate it or anything.  I have a hard time making up my mind lol!  So this is the during…and in a few days I will post the After! 

I can't wait!!!!!!!

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