Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Acne Post

Here I go again with my ACNE post but I have to!! It would be selfish of me not to do so. Like I said before I have had acne for over 10yrs now and when I find a product that works I have to share with everyone else.. It is a Bar Soap. Below is a picture. I got mine at Target for about $4-$5 dollars.. it is made with organic ingredients and smells great.  When I was at Target the other day I noticed this Black bar soap and it was intriguing because of its name, color and story. ( I read everything I buy) so I decided to gamble  a few bucks and see what would happen… 2 days later I was telling everyone and their mom about it!! yeah It was that amazing! I love using all natural things and this one is pretty awesome!! I had 4-5 zits clumped at my jaw line and they were hard and painful. I refuse to post a pic because they looked so awful..(sorry) What I did was I washed my face with the soap and then dried my face then I went back and rubbed the wet bar of soap in that spot and left the soap on my jawline over night.(spot treatment) When I woke up my zits were soooo soft and no longer painful!! I have washed my face with it everyday since and really feel a difference. Even my family noticed a difference in my face after a week of using it. If you try it out let me know how it works for you!!!! 

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