Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

I had to clean up my house this morning..On Mothers Day!..Say what??? well my husband wasn't home and although I would have much rather lay on the couch and get fed grapes one by one by my kids on this special day. I decided I should clean the place up. As I got my kids pumped to help it dawned on me How important I am around here :)  I realized if I wasn't around, that Otter pop wrapper would be stuck in between the couches for ages. The kids/husband would have dinner on a sticky, messy dining table, they would eat out of plastic plates and cups because dishes would never ever be done and our floor would be that 3 full course meal that my dog has dreamt of his whole life. At times I think ugh laundry,cleaning..dinner but today I felt empowered while I  cleaned {this may never happen again :)} I was the boss lady around here! I was in charge of my home and by cleaning up, serving and loving my family I felt whole. I felt like this was meant for me that no one could take my place {and better not} My kids need me. My husband needs me. This is my divine purpose... yup to clean! to organize, to wash, to worry, to discipline, to nurture,to Love and to cuddle. Its not the most glamorous job at times but when I am trying hard and doing my best my children treat me like royalty and my husband bows at my feet! ;) Motherhood is a powerful thing!!!

I learned a lot today while I swept didn't I?!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful women!!!
Remember how Important you are to your family..ALWAYS!!

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