Monday, August 24, 2015

Change, Change, Change!!!

There is a lot of fun changes happening in our Home!

  1.   Jose CHANGED Law schools. He had a skype interview with the Dean of admissions from BYU she said he was a strong candidate and  we were very excited..but at the end, it didn't work out. We were a bit depressed that week and went through a whole gallon of ice cream (don't judge) ;) 2 weeks later he was accepted to ASU Law. We are thrilled! more growth, more  opportunities! and we get to stay close to family and friends. 
  2.  Sadie CHANGED elementary schools. After being on a wait list for a long while they finally accepted her in the new school! She is excited that she gets to walk home with her older, much cooler cousin. He already let her know that if anyone messed with her that he would let them know who he was and that he was in 5th grade! Gulp! that will scare any bully away...
  3.  Riley's school schedule CHANGED I wasn't a big fan because when he leaves 2hrs later I have to go get Sadie. Running errands and napping can't really fit in :) but it is nice to spend time with him one on one before he leaves and then I get to spend 2 hrs with Sadie before he gets home. win-win
  4. My career CHANGED  you can call me Mrs. Realtor :)  I am still Mrs. Mommy << this career does not come with a retirement plan. I will always be Mommy! I  had been thinking of becoming a Realtor for a long time because of my love for our fixer upper and the fact that I wanted to help people get there own little place to call home! I hate to say this out loud because I don't like to sound like I am full of myself but.... :) I have never felt like I was good at many things and after we purchased our home and I started doing stuff to it. Like painting, redecorating,using manly tools and just creating my own techniques and style.  I finally felt like I had found something I was good at! Then it started developing into more. (dreaming)What if I bought a little house fixed it up and flipped it?! or I would spend hours looking at houses online imaging how I would decorate it and who would love it etc.. So I thought maybe just maybe I can get my license and in a few years be the next Joanna Gaines haha or Chip any of those two will work. So during the summer my husband was was on break from school for 3 months and thanks to his love and support and watching our 2 little ones I was able to take a 9 day crash course,pass the school test.. study for a whole week and then Pass the REAL test on the first try!! It was the best birthday present a girl could get! I am now working for a great company and I can't wait to start helping people! I have a lot of dreams and hopes with this new career.  A LOT of things have not gone my way lately and it has been really hard to accept but when I stop and embrace all the new CHANGES in our life. I realize that Heavenly Father has hand picked and delivered all of these CHANGES to our family. Things that we saw as a burden or not the right outcome have grown and blossomed into beautiful blessings. I am Grateful for that and for him always watching over our family!


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