Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feeling at home

I wanted to share with you all the shutter project I finished. Here are some pictures! Hope you like it! My husband helped me hang them and  I stepped back to admire them I felt a little more at home, It gave me the motivation I needed to do some landscaping and add my touch to my home.. I don't want to move!

Here is a before and after picture of when we painted our home. So the after is more of a "in process" of after :)

The real after pic! Actually I want to one day get rid of the iron work on our fence so I guess this is another "in the process" after pic :) 

You probably couldn't tell but in the before pics there is a giant plant that would grow so big!! It took us or should I say it took my husband a whole Saturday to remove. The roots were so thick. We placed the weed barrier plastic and put mulch for a cleaner, easier look. I really love this planter.
My most favorite part of all this is this awesome window box I made!! I filled it up with succulents and it looks soooo dang cute!! All of the plants I put in are succulents because 1. We live in AZ 2. I am so bad at watering plants!!!!  
I just love these plants and window box I can stare at it all day!!!! 

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