Sunday, April 19, 2015


Flooring  will be the DEATH of me!!!  The other day I got all OCD and started cleaning my casa and when I got to my kitchen. I couldn't help but cringe at the sight of my floors! GREEN concrete Mixed with vinyl. I say mixed because one day my mom came over and said we should take the vinyl out. (because she is a clean freak and they make my house look gross) So me being an obedient child I said GREAT! idea mom! (NOT) so we ripped a 4ft by 2ft piece and it took us FOREVER!!  My mom looked at me and said "I think this was a bad idea and I don't want your hubby to get mad at me for convincing you to do this" but really in spanish what she said was "hijola no! esta fue muy mala idea, nos va regañar Jose! y a mi mas por metiche" (while wiping sweat from her forehead)..... so that is the reason it is mixed lol I finally said ok what if every week I take a small piece out?!.  so I began! 2 miniutes into it I was regretting it badly! After a couple hours I removed a 4ft by 5ft piece(not the small piece I had promised myself) and then realized it just made it look even more dirty..ugh!!!! Here are some pics! I had to pour a ton of water so it could make the glue soften. It was super easy to remove the top part of the vinyl but the bottom part was glued on real good thats the grey looking stuff. I ended up soaking it for a few minutes and then with a scraping knife I removed it.  The last Pic is my after.. pfff!
So I'll be on Pinterest for like ever! trying to come up with some low cost ideas to make my floors nice! I love how I act on Impulse and Thank you to the flood of September for these awesome floors!! #doublethumbsup #majorsarcasm

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  1. You're always working hard! Look into paper bag flooring, if you haven't already. I know it sounds weird, but it looks pretty nice and it's cheap compared to other options.