Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Toy Room

I hate toys. My kids love toys! They never end up where they need to be. They are always scattered through out the house and the strangest thing about it all is that nobody seems to have played with that toy. It just popped out of the toy cubbie into the middle of the kitchen. To help me keep my sanity I decided I would get rid of all the Toys..donate,trash or gift them…..I couldn't bring myself to do it but one day while organizing a small storage closet in our hallway I got an Idea… shove all the toys in here and lock them UP! …so that's exactly what I did. We now have a system. You ask mom what toy you want and you check it out. When you are done you bring it back to mom and we put it back and check the toy back in. Just like in the Library. It helps me keep track of toys and toy handlers. During clean up time there will be no more  "I wasn't playing with it".. Once I completed this project I did a major victory dance!!!!!!!!!!! This system has changed my life. My kids actually play with their toys instead of throwing them around and breaking them. They enjoy them more because they don't get to see them 24/7. They also forget to ask for toys so they use their imagination more and play together. It is an awesome thing. Growing up I didn't own many toys. My toys were dirt, trees and my favorite game was hide-n-seek. I spent lots of time playing with my neighbors in our cul-de-sac and It is nice to see my kids start to do the same. Minus the cul-de-sac :) 

This is our new Toy Shop! ( my daughter named it)
As you all know I have boring wood doors. I have tried to get creative with them. You can see my past door projects here.  For this project all I did was paint the doors with chalk board paint and drew a faux farmhouse door. Isn't it awesome! Added a new door knob that locks ;)  The words Toy Shop I just typed up. I downloaded some fun fonts from Dafont and printed it off. Since I couldn't for the life of me mirror the image on the computer.  I just printed it and traced the letters on the back of the paper. Ink sometimes bleeds through a bit so it was really easy to trace and since I used the back. When I placed the paper on the door I was able to see where the letters would end up since the black letters where facing me. The small lines are for check out,check in.(what toy and who) For now it is all in chalk but I might make everything permanent with white paint because I really like how it turned out.. as far as the inside… It's JUST toys :)

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