Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why it pays off to thrift!

I use to HATE thrift store shopping and garage sales! Now I can't live with out them! It pays off to thrift.. seriously!! these are some of my latest finds and they have been good ones! 

Vintage Table cloth/throw from an Estate sale $2 it is one of a kind and for me its priceless. I searched and searched online and I couldn't find anything.The closest I could find was at  Anthropologie for $48.00

My Steve madden boots Original price is 129.00. I bought them for $8.00!!! I love love love them!

another one of kind! mine was $10 and  I customized it for free in Coral! something like this will cost you around $75-$100

This hard plastic garland was $2 and it adds so much personality to my wall!! Don't even know where to look for a similar one! 

I have saved so much! My hubby might not think so!! Lol although right before he graduated he had to purchase his cap and gown and spent around $75...For a one time wear!  I was having nightmares thinking of all the projects we could finish with that money lol. So I headed out to my fav. Thrift store and lo and behold I found a cap and gown for my hubby same color same material like new!! For a whoppin $2 my husbands jaw dropped and I think he feel in love with me all over again! Haha he took his back and walked the line in his $2 gown.  Moments like these are why thrifting pays off!! TRY IT!!  and send me your awesome finds!!

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