Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Valentine's day banner

I absolutely love my coffee filter wreaths they have saved me lots if time!!! All I have to do is make a banner for each holiday and ta dah I have a decoration!! If you haven't made a wreath you can go here and get started. That way you can join me in making this cute Valentine's banner. 

I bought all the fabric at Joann's. I bought a lot!! You can do this project with about 1/4 yard of the love you burlap and 3/4 of the gold polka dot. I like to hoard fabric so I usually buy more then I need I also got these to ribbons but I ended up not using it. Other then the fabric all you will need is:
  • hot glue gun 
  • scissors
  • twine
  • coordinating fabric for tassels

Your first step is to cut around the I, the heart and the U. Once your done move on to your polka dot burlap. I cut mine about 5x7 this size is custom to my wreath. You may need a smaller piece.

Once you cut your piece fold it in half like the pic below. Start from the corner and cut diagonally to the center to create the "flag" look.

 Once you have that done you can hot glue the letters you cut out onto them. 

 Set your flags aside and make some of these tassels! HGTV has a great tutorial for paper tassles. I used that tutorial but I used fabric that I had from an old project. It's a sheer gold fabric with gold polka dots also bought it at Joann's. 

Now its time to put it all together!  hot glue the Flag pieces to a piece of twine or ribbon of your choice. Make sure you glue in a pattern. tassel, flag, tassel,flag…etc if you don't you will have to take your  tassel apart so you can hang it on your twine. I left about a half  inch in-between each flag so the tassels can hang and not be on top of the flags.

Once you put it together you can hang it on you wreath and wait for cupid to come visit!!


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