Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting ready for CHRISTmas!!

Our HOME is ready for CHRISTmas!! 

 (check out the awesome Pinecones I found at a garage sale! They were collected from huge trees in Washington!! They are ginormous!!)

  This year we put 2 trees up and it has really made a huge difference in our home. It makes it feel more Merry and warm. Although a few things needed to be relocated to make it work it still is worth it to have them both out. These trees aren't just christmas trees to me. The green one was our first tree as newylweds and was given to me by a friend. She was so kind and knew I was in need of one. (you never think to ask for a Christmas tree in your wedding's a good idea though) She was so willing to give it up to our little family & every time I put it up. I think of her and her generosity and kindness. She is a sweet lady!! Once we bought our home we purchased a white one which was another act of kindness from an amazing friend. He was full of kindness and love for our family and was such a great example to us. It is amazing  how these 2 trees have such sweet stories and great people behind them. It is a great reminder to me that during this time of year it is truly about giving!!! 

These trees make our home feel ready for Christmas and of course I love to decorate so I put our trees up a few days before Thanksgiving.  Here are some pics
 of our decor! 

Another coffee filter wreath because I'm a little obsessed!! The Tutorial is here in case you want to make your own. In this one I just cut small burlap triangles and glued to twine and added HO HO HO with white paint and of course I used white filters instead of natural.  In my entry I went very traditional. Red, green and Pinecones my little girl decorated this all on her own. It is so warm and inviting...

The 2nd tree is our WHITE and GOLD tree. My sister gave me that beautiful picture of Mary and Joseph holding Baby Jesus. I absolutely fell in love when I saw it. I put it in this Gold frame I found at goodwill and I didnt know where I would put it in my house for all to see. One day I grabbed it and held it out trying to figure it where. I then turned and my tree was in front of me and I thought what better place then my shimmery tree!! It makes me happy ever time I see it!!!

 The Gold painted train I sprayed here looks fabulous under our tree! 

Gold,Pink,Vintage & Nature makes this tree just perfect. I added some furry friends this year Mr. Owl and baby squirrel. The birds that are all over the tree have been with us for 3 years and thanks to my son some may not survive this Christmas. :) I added Pine cones from Washington I found at a garage sale and some I thrifted. I  made paper bird ornaments a while back with scrapbook paper and I got lucky to find these 2 tiny vintage plate ornaments with a baby girl and baby boy, to match my baby girl and baby boy!!! 

I just can't wait for Christmas and getting to teach my kids what the true meaning of it is!!!!
I hope you all are getting ready and start feeling that Christmas Spirit!!!


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