Friday, May 10, 2013

Authentic Mexican MOM!!

To all my Mexican Moms...Feliz dia de las Madres! man being raised by an authentic Mexican Mother has been awesome!! As a child I never was cold..always had about 3 layers of clothes! (para que no tengas frio mija) I never fell since my mother never allowed me on anything higher then 2 inches (ay! te vas a caer!...te vas a caer!) My iron levels were very high! (frijoles all day everyday!) I got cuddled for at least an hour per day (during novel time) and I sure was the best behaved kid on the block..(vas a ver le voy a decir a tu Papa while hand waved back and forth) man when you heard your mom say those words you would just stop in your tracks, turn and do something else!! that was the mexican "redirecting strategy".  Being raised LDS (mormon) my mother was not a potty mouth or abusive she did swat us once in a while if the "redirecting strategy" wasn't working. I often hear mexican Moms at stores yell and scream at their children.. It usually starts like this "Hijo de tu #@$#@$ #$#$@!" or "vas a ver en la casa te voy a dar unos &*%$#" . When you hear both sentences combined... You know someone is in BIG trouble!!!!  I also hear "no agares nada va venir la policia por ti or si te sigues portando mal esa señora (points at you) te va llevar a su casa"....  DANG! why drag me into it lady!! I should call the cops on you and have them take you away!!! geez poor kid looks so freaked out after that! No wonder he runs away from you at the store. I'd run too! Mexican moms, you have to STOP the guarache abuse,the verbal abuse and intimidating your kids!!! Be an authentic Mexican Mom! One who is protective and full of warm,cuddly love lol thanks mom for being an authentic Mexican Mother. Keeping me warm,safe,healthy and loving me unconditionally. Also for teaching me to be a good kid with out breaking my spirit or busting out the guarache. I have lots to learn but a great example to follow which makes it a bit easier to do this job! La quiero mucho Madre!!...Happy Mothers Day to the U.S MOMS on Sunday!!! thats when my husband will be celebrating me! better get some Tiffany's!!! or breakfast in bed will do!!! 


sorry bilingual skills are needed for this post!!! 

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